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#114156 - This was a true tag team affair with the wife taking care of her pussy and her husband doing a number on her big nipples! Since the wife was laying there with her legs wide open and her pussy was so available, Fred slid between her thighs and stuck his rapidly rising pecker into her hot snatch. The young wife's vagina contracted hard, and wrenched another orgasm out of her wilting body, sapping her of every last bit of energy she had! All three of them lay together, with twitching cunts and retreating dicks numbed from the series of climaxes they had just gone through!!! Later on Pete found Fred at the bar and laughed when he saw how spent his new friend was! On his way home, Fred could only hope that he would be returning to the dungeon real soon! THE END. The dungeon was located in a run down warehouse district over by the river, and except for the unusual number of cars, you would never know that a night club was anywhere to be seen.

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