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#354012 - Being a Thursday, it meant after work l was going to meet with Sasha’s mother Annie when she came out of bingo, l would take her dogging she was becoming an addict also the men at the picnic park loved Thursday nights. Now l had emptied my creamy liquid load inside Sasha we lay in bed arranging what we’ll be doing the weekend, there was a knock at the door, on opening the door it was my sister Tina who announced she had an argument with Rick her husband then barged passed me to be met by Sasha lying in bed naked, Tina declared ‘what’s that slut doing in your bed’, Sasha reached down beside the bed then sat up and threw the knickers she found earlier at Tina stating she might be a slut but she wasn’t fucking her brother, Tina put her arm around me and replied l wasn’t just her brother, but her lover then put her hand onto my groin and specified ‘this is where l get my babies from’ which Sasha wasn’t expecting to hear and before my sister could say anymore l sat her down. When he withd

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