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#326116 - Wanna Play on the Computer? Nah, Not in the mood for that, wanna wrestle? What? I mean, y'know, we put eachother into painful positions until the other submits? first to three! I was interested in this because it was something new and sounded quite fun, so we both sat on each end of the bed until he said GO! He Immediately jumped onto me and pushed down hard against my shoulders, but i rolled over, pushing himff, and sat on his hips while he was laying with his back to the floor, it was then i felt something wierd. A sudden burst of pleasure ripped through me, and i suddenly spurted cum into Rhys' Mouth, the first stream He pulled his head back, then the next spurt came, and all of it was piling into Rhys' Mouth. I dunno.

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Masato hijirikawa
That was super hot