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#401778 - As sharron left miss barnes stare at her ass she was limping she laugh to her self thinking u be more sore when I'm finsh with u be my sub when u get bk and u be very bad whore miss barnes came from daydream she need go meet rachel Next part wil be about miss barnes and mistress rachel hope u all enjoy it thank. Miss barnes think back how misstress rachel got her as a lesbian slave it was makeing miss barnes very horny she slip her hand down her leg she start to rub her pussy and close her eyes mutter to her self I a very dirty bitch I'm going cum she cum very hard she stick her finger in her mouth and suck all her juicys of it She got up walk out went st8 to sharon whisper in her ear seld meet me in bathroom in 10 mins. Miss barnes was in her office and the was get horny she fone a single mom ask her if stil have the farm she seld yes she ask if want meet up tonite rachel seld have u miss your mistress my slave miss barnes seld yes I have.

Read Insertion じみへんっ!!~地味子も乱れる絶頂性交~ Gay Longhair じみへんっ!!~地味子も乱れる絶頂性交~

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Momo mizrahi
This hurt
Damn thats awesome perfect toy for a couple to have a drama free and regular double penetration fantasy fulfilled
Kate hoshimiya
Very hoot