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#309784 - his swollen knot as i discovered later had forced in to me and created a seal . Get in the fucking car, you worthless Bitch. Still a little unsettled by Sue's angry reaction, and never having seen her so upset with me i quickly stripped of my new dress and hung it up, looking in the mirror at my tail hanging between my legs, I began to feel a little turned on by the thought of what i may be in for, i brushed my long hair out so it hung loosely like Sue liked me to wear it, letting it fall over my shoulders and hang partway over my breasts, i pinched my nipples and as they hardened, i gave my now naked but a wriggle ,the plug and tail felt tantalisingly good, lightly brushing the inside of my thighs, it actually went well with my long flowing hair, smiling i made my way down the passage into the living room, where Sue was sitting, watching the TV and brushing her dog.

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