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#400245 - Her kidnappers worked as a team, the first tying the cloth behind her head, the second was tying her wrists together above her head and affixing them to the back of the van, a third tying one ankle to a fixture on the floor of the van while a fourth tied her other ankle to something high (the ceiling?)and Nicole started to struggle harder as she felt a hand started playing with her exposed slit. It started when she woke this morning and looked at her alarm clock, it wasn’t waking her, it read 08:30, much later than the usual 06:00 she’d see when it woke her up, and she smiled, the perfect way to start her much needed vacation. “What the fuck?” Nicole shouted.

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Youichi kuramochi
Q pau e que mulher gostosa
Kokoro akechi
I need her asap
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I want to be there