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#205432 - She smiled and said I think I will, thanks and I gave her a kiss and felt her tits, she giggled and said how about a quickie, I smiled and held out my hands, we went into Charlene’s room and I did her really quick, she moaned like normal, but she came so hard, her juices were running down both our legs. I kissed Charlene bye and got my clothes on, I got into my truck and headed for home. I’m going to miss them both terribly, Charlene and I see each other from time to time, Megan has graduated high school and going to college up there, she’s living with a guy from the school she has classes with, she whispers to me that he’s not as good as I am in bed, but he’s cute and helps her with her home work, so she’s happy, I said well train him right and he’ll be just as good as I am.

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Karen ichijou
Slapping those balls makes mine feels so hot cum so good love your hentais keep them cumming
Yosuke hanamura
This hentai is going to get featured soon and you guys are going to explode get ready to go big
Has anyone heard any news about bawskee 4 dropping soon