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#142840 - His mom was sitting on the toilet, she looked as though she had been crying, You OK mom? Billy, of course I was just thinking what a great holiday we've had That made you cry? No honey Mary said with a sob in her voice, It's just that I was thinking that you'll soon be going away to college, I'll miss you Billy walked over to his mom, kneeling on the floor he pulled her too him, hugging her tightly. Mary broke the kiss and lay beside her son, Your turn now Billy Billy had to crotch above his mom forcing his erect cock down towards her, straining he forced the piss from his full bladder. O Billy suck my tits, I'm cuming baby mommy's cuummmmiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg Seconds later Billy drove his hard fuck-tool deep into her pussy, pumping shot after shot of cum into her deepest reaches.

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