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#341050 - It was over just like that, Kim's pussy was ravaged by a Richter Scale 8 orgasm, causing her entire body to shake like a leaf in a wind storm! Their heads now clearing quickly, both women hurriedly dressed and walked together into the outer offices. Kim Weston, not waiting to hear Sarah's question, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth directly to her wide open slit, and intoned harshly, Now eat it, you little cunt, do me right now!!! Still a little stunned, the 18 year old gingerly licked Kim's outer lips, but that wasn't at all what Kim had in mind, so she forcibly held Sarah's mouth over her now straining clitoris. Miss Weston leaned forward and whispered softly into Sarah's ear, How does that feel, hon, is the pain going away? Mmmmm, yes, sighed Sarah, her chest heaving with each breath, it feels a whole lot better! Her cunt, now becoming a raging inferno, Miss Weston decided to take a chance, she knew it this went badly she would

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She must be the oldest girl in the school