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#375714 - Looking around Laura made sure no other women were in then went into a cubical and closed the door locking it behind her. “Come on give it a go” Tally said before biting her bottom lip as she always did as she watched her friend mull over the idea, Laura had already decided to give it a go, but not today she’d wait “So you gonna try it or what?” “Yeah” Laura said like a naughty schoolgirl, she was wet thinking about it and knew she’d have some laundry to do when she got home. The vibrating didn’t last long only a quick test, she knew for the full effect the mobile had to be rung up from another phone, she smiled wickedly as she contemplated what to do next, should she go for it and have a proper test, her curiosity got the best of her and she ran to grab her new mobile.

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Cure rhythm
Wish morning like that for everyone
Im in love with that asshole pls more anal