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#358297 - He reaches up to undo my pants and I catch him by the hair and ask him it I tell you that you could touch me and he says no Master I undo my pants and take my dick out and he attacks it licking and sucking my cock like he can’t get enough I tell him that he can’t cum until I tell him to. He tells me that Liz is with a client and that if I want to leave he will give me a ride I tell him yes, I also tell him that I need to go to a bank and he looks at me. I tell him that I enjoyed what I did to her although my arm is killing me he tells me to put some ice on it when I get home.

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Syrus truesdale
Thanks hunny x
Ryouta suzui
Maybe remove the ears keep the makeup and everything wich is good but the ears are just a bit out of place