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#374808 - he held out his hand uh my name's jordan,and u would be oh sorry im isabella but u can call me belle if u like,ok kool so uh let me walk u to class i saw on ur schedule that its the same as mine okay that sounds kool with me so they were hurrying along and he reach over and grabbed her hand come on he said playfuly were gonna be late!! feeling very excited by his grabbing her hand belle started daydreaming of what it would be like to have him all to herself but was afraid to because of her being a virgin and all,jordan felt her resistince when they were walking so he kinda had a feeling that she wanted him,he knew for sure that he wanted her so he made the move and went straight to the janitors closet uh its in here he said and pulled inside and closed the dooe and locked it,um jason why is it so dark in here i thought a classroom is supposed to have uh what do u call them oh yeah i know LIGHTS!! ok ok u caught me belle when the first time i saw u yesterday as u and ur folks we

Read Tamil Haha ga tomo Kano ni nattanode | 媽媽變成朋友的女友了 Fantasy Haha ga tomo Kano ni nattanode | 媽媽變成朋友的女友了

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Absolutely amazing i could spend hours under that desk