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#52003 - Bruno seems to be enjoying it I said, Karen smiled and said yes , keep going, I wanna see him cum. She smiled a little but tutted, and pushed my hand away, as she sat down, I took a sneaky peak between her legs, in the fading sunlight I was able to make out she was wearing white lacy panties. her hands were pulling her lips apart helping him to get inside her, his thrusts got harder and firmer and stabbed at her waiting pussy, as she felt his cock force her open and push into her she screamed in ecstasy , her legs were wide open, her hands still pulling her flaps open as far as she could to help him , his cock was so hot and stiff as he continued to pound her , slowly but surely getting more and more of him into her, his thrusting was getting harder and faster as he frantically fucked her, her moans we long and louds as she got the hardest fastest fuck I have ever seen ….

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