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#222476 - “ Shit, I really need to turn around girl, it's getting way too uncomfortable for me”, Leon announced as he lifted his body up with ease and started to turn over. I was a bit disappointed as the bus arrived at my stop, things were just getting interesting with my tall, dark, handsome stranger but “oh well”, I thought to myself as I snaked my way past the crowd of people towards the exit, looking back over my shoulder one last time to give him a flirty smile and wave, he quickly moved his briefcase to cover his crotch and I couldn’t help but giggle before stepping off the bus and walking towards the shopping center. The two men excitingly squeezed past the almost closed doors and made their way into the back, clearly knowing the way of the land.

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Kasumi nakasu
Wow thats fucking hot
So who watched the new lion king
Louise halevy
God i wish that someone loved me
Tenma tsukamoto
Take that hat off you clown
Rin haruka
Dam she good