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#241248 - . the chocolate had made Janine a bit hyper, as I started to nod off Janine was still trying to keep herself amused, listening to the radio stations and reading her book with a small light attached to the top of the page. She immediately whispered too him “look, ok, I fucked up, were not a married couple we just pretended so we could get a free upgrade”, Alex was taken back by her honesty, “Don’t worry about it, you’re not the first to do that” he grinned, “So you won’t tell the captain or anything” she smiled at him, “I wont utter a word” he reassured “Good, I didn’t want to make more mistakes today” she laughed, Alex looked inquisitively at her, “What do you mean?” “Give me more of that champagne and ill tell you” she said.

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