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#318633 - Don’t change it . it was literally three days before my birthday and how it happen promise me you won’t laugh at me when I tell you!” “ I promise Scott I won’t laugh. damn was sex any good?” Stephanie asked I sighed -“ to be honest she came in drop her pants and panties and allow me to suck on her breast but other that she just wanted to hurry up so I enter her fuck her hard but for first time I want to make love not just have freaking quickly and hell she didn’t even make a sound other than a few moan here and there nothing Hell I even ask her if I was even in and she told me I was to be honest it was like I fucking a knot of an Log and that wasn’t the worse thing my sister walk in on us and I thought she said she would tell on us boy was I wrong” “ what did she tell on you?” Stephanie ask as started rub my the Crotch of my shorts “ oh yes she did and my mom had the biggest bitch fit and we were in store when she told her and oh when we got home mom yelled at me for hour before gr

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