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#283529 - Feeling a bit overwhelm by being confronted by such a huge dog as I lay there, I tried to pet him … doing so for several minutes as I started to recall the experimental sexual experiences I had had with dogs in my teenage years. Feeling his cock throbbing so, I was in no doubt that my efforts were soon to be rewarded and this encouraged me to maintain my regime of repeatedly squeezing his balls and sucking his cock in sync whilst occasionally wiggling the tip of my tongue against the underside of his meaty shaft between successive sucks on his cock in order to coax my non-human lover to orgasm, which it evidently did, for as the throbbing of the Rottweiller’s cock increased in pace and strength Carlo suddenly started to growl until I felt his cock suddenly swell in an instant followed less than a second later by the first spurt of dog semen into my mouth. Every now and then I would stop and allow my fingers to run back along the length of his erect penis to its very base where, after

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