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#340987 - Mike Hudson leaned back in his office desk chair and propped his feet up on the top of his desk. “C-cum with me, baby, have a nice big one with mama!!!” The mere sight of Mona’s huge breasts and incredibly hot cunt were more than poor Mike could take! His cock convulsed hard three or four times as incredible jets of hot cum rocketed into Mona’s super engorged cunt! Sensing the big cock spasming inside of her signaled her own organ to wrench hard around the thrusting invader, inducing a brutally satisfying climax in her hot burning quim!!! Both of them stood there for a moment unable to move!!! Finally, when his legs couldn’t take it any longer Mike stumbled backwards and collapsed into his chair while Mona fell back onto the desk with her legs still splayed wide apart and a trickle of warm jizz oozing out of her well fucked cunt! “T-that was unreal,” Mike stammered while still trying to figure out how all this had happened. She was startled at his appearance at the open door and s

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I like the way she cups the balls believe it or not that feels goood
Thanks lady