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#193162 - Brenda's mother well now she will now be calling her mum took her back home with her to were Brenda was waiting soon as they got home Sandra ran up to Brenda and egged her new mother on to tell her ,their mother explained that she has adopted Sandra both girls all jumped for joy their mother told the 2 girls to go over to Brenda's old house to get her things while their mother will set up another bed for Sandra in Brenda's room. The dealer was seconds away from cumming he pulled out of Sandra and grabbed her by the throat and cummed all over her tear stained face, once he finished cumming he just left her there on her mothers bed and left. Chapter 1 Sandra's new life - Sandra sold for drugs Please not this story is 100% not real Sandra was a troubled girl she drinks smokes lives in a bad area got brought up with the wrong crowd in a drug fueled rage.

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