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#353203 - Dinner was going well and yes Sally wore not much that made my cock hard all night KIm smirked at me several times knowing what I was thinking , over coffe I put the TV on not realizing that Joes DVD was still in the machine pressed play as we all sat down we watched as the pony blew cum all over the woman, Sally watched in awe as he unloaded huge amounts all over the woman. Our weekend was fantastic , we have spoken about what happened for many weeks and Joe calls mainly to chat to Kim. Joe got up and sat Kim on the edge of the couch legs wide apart with an open cunt, he then led sam to Kim who knew exactly what to do , then Joe went behind Sally and shoved his huge cock deep in her and fucked her rapidly.

Read Chick お母さんいただきます。サイドストーリー2 Ch.01-05 - Original Gay Youngmen お母さんいただきます。サイドストーリー2 Ch.01-05

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Love it
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This is so fucking boring holy fuck
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Wow what a magnificent marvellous body
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Lol that was awesome
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