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#332475 - As I was watching TV he asked me if I had anything weird happen to me this morning I told him no and ask him does he ask He said” well I had a dream that you were a vampire and you drank my blood” So I told him “ you must have been dreaming, cuz I ain’t no vampire” He said” but I have a craving for blood “ So I told him to relax and shrug it off As the day continued I started to fell funny as the sun came to the west side of my house, there was a beam of light coming through the window as I moved to closer to the window more to stop the light from coming in the beam of light touched my skin and it felt like a boiling pot of water being poured on me so I rub it to sop the pain as I did I heard Andrew in my head telling me to hold my hand above the burn and say healo So I did as the voice said and the burn healed like magic it was then I felt the powers running through my body ‘ So I decided to try them out so I waited for dark as I wanted to try flying as dusk bec

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Shizuka hattori
Small hands kneeing her in the jaw and then making sure she was okay was so sweet like when i saw i like it rough this is what i mean if you accidentally hurt me make sure i m okay then keep fucking me like a whore
Akane hino
Her expressions remind me of honey gold
St. louis
Pau grande grosso e gostoso precisa mesmo de lubrificante