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#348450 - It had only been a few short weeks after that eventfull but delightful stay at My Aunt Helens. Shrugging my shoulders I made my way to class. Kelly: I swear to God! Carla: Thats your Aunt Helen? Kelly: Yes honestly! Carla: and you found this in your brothers room Turning in the corridor I looked towards the loft/attic lid that led into my room was not shut properly, knwoing full well my sister had been in there I pushed open her door, walked in and grabbed my magazine from Carla's hands How dare you I shouted turning to Kelly Who gave you the right to go in my room and go through my things? Kelly just sat there, looking a bit startled then exchanging looks with Carla they both burst out laughing You better not tell Mum or Dad about this I ordered Do you have sex with Auntie Helen Kelly asked outright I was stunned, lost for words, she couldnt have known about that, Kelly was in Rachels room when I fucked my Aunt Helen.

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