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#318255 - Coming round the bar as she stands he places his hand lightly in the small of her back and gently guides her out of the room, stopping only to lock up he walks beside her, his hand returning to her back. Jake finally pulls out of her as his cock stops twitching, but still orgasming June can do nothing but lay there feeling his cum leaking out of her pussy, looking up at him as he stands up she thinks he’s going to dress and leave but instead he moves to her head and offers his semi hard cock to her, she can see their combined juices glistening on it as opening her mouth she tastes them for the 1st time. June freezes for a second, never thinking she would have 2 cocks inside her she starts to panic as she feels the man grab her waist and his cock rubs against her arse cheeks, working it between them he pushes slowly forcing it inside her arsehole, June tries to scream with the pain but can only make muffled noises as Jake pushes his cock deeper down her throat.

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Ruiko saten
Her moans are annoying af and his groans at the end kinda ruined it for me
Love it