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#364043 - Far more evident were his gasps and sighs, and even the occasional wet slap of his dick in his palm. (Did I just dream it, or did I feel my dad’s hand sliding up my inner thigh as I sat there seemingly unconscious in the passenger seat?) As soon as I stumbled through the door, I grabbed a towel and headed straight for the shower, partly to wake me up and partly because I bloody needed it! All kinds of nastiness coated my skin, not just from a couple of hours of copulation, but everything that had come before – beer and fizzy drinks and pizza grease and dust and badly applied make-up, and all the other accoutrements of a teen girls’ sleepover. I can’t say that I had seen many, but I had been on the internet, so I had at least something to compare it to, and he certainly had nothing to be ashamed of… except possibly what he was doing with it.

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