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#197815 - The first guy came in and I said hi, he was a little nervous but when he saw me bent over in my short plated skirt and no knickers he soon smiled and lost his nerves, he took his clothes off and had a nice erection already, I asked him to show me the stamp and he was for pussy, I then looked at him and said well have fun back there, he then got behind me and I could feel him playing and moving his hand around my pussy, he was kissing my Ass checks which was nice, I said he could stick a finger in my ass if he wanted but not his cock, he then proceeded to push his finger in my ass and pussy god it felt nice, he pulled his finger's out and then I felt the knob of his cock at the entrance to my pussy I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, then with one big push his cock was in me, yum it felt so nice , the most thing I was thinking of at the time was there was going to be more of this all night, he started of slow and worked his cock in and out of my pussy then he was sta

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